Job Description

The Animal Care Specialist (ACS) will learn and develop extensive experience in handling a wide-range of animal care tasks. The ACS will work independently, with minimal supervision. Applicant must be exceedingly well organized, motivated and possess a strong work ethic.

The ability to positively interact with the public and staff in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, while remaining calm, focused, resourceful and efficient is critical to this role. Further, applicant must be highly professional and demonstrate superior attention to detail.

Animal Care Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Receive, handle and kennel pets of all temperaments, including those of unknown temperament.
  • Interact with the public to review adoption applications, provide potential adoption matches and complete adoptions.
  • Suggest and complete retail sales and donation transactions.
  • Perform pet care and adoption-related tasks.
  • Adhere to disease management, medical protocols and safety procedures set by the organization. 
  • Monitor physical condition of pets and perform health care as directed by management.
  • Maintain and enter data to achieve comprehensive records.
  • Comply with kennel cleaning and servicing protocols.
  • Clean, disinfect and maintain pet areas, including kennels and exercise yards.
  • Feed, water, bathe and exercise pets. Separate pets as required for behavior (aggressive, passive, social).
  • Prepare pet's paperwork and files, including: taking and uploading pictures of the pets, writing bios, filling out adoption contracts with proper information, printing cage flyers, and verifying that the pet is current on vaccinations, dewormers, etc.
  • Mediate customer complaints if required.

Important Notes

Please include current contact information for your former employers and personal references so they can be verified.