Job Description

The Animal Resource Coordinator is experienced in handling a wide-range of animal care-related tasks, and will be able to work independently with minimal supervision. The animal resource coordinator must be well-organized, motivated, flexible and possess a strong work ethic.

This position works closely with the animal care and volunteer teams to achieve the goals of HALO’s adoption partner relationships, while supporting the careful movement of adoptable pets from the shelter to offsite adoption locations. This candidate must have a clean driving record and must be able to work weekends as well as provide event-related support as needed.  

In addition to coordinating the movement of animals and compliance with adoption partner requirements, this individual supports inventory management related to animal care, including medication, treatment items, supplies, food and ultimately retail products; this encompasses maintaining sufficient levels, coordinating reordering, storage and usage.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Ensure pets selected for transport meet assistant animal care manager and animal resource manager criteria
  • Ensure pets selected for transport are verified as healthy/ready for transport
  • Ensure pets due for transport are selected, with information included and verified for accuracy, no later than the evening prior to transport
  • Maintain accurate shelter inventory report to efficiently identify pet selections
  • Support offsite adoptable pet inventory at all offsite adoption centers using electronic communication process
  • Work with offsite adoption partners to identify inventory needs
  • Work with offsite adoption partners to identify pets needing pick up/return to shelter (illness, injury, vet check, etc.) within specified timeframe
  • Coordinate the transport of pets from primary shelter to offsite locations and transport of pets between offsite locations
  • Ensure pet and adoption paperwork is in compliance with adoption partner policy and procedures, including but not limited to vaccination records, adoption contract, release form(s), kennel cards, suitable photographs and biographies
  • When applicable, works with third-party transfer partners to transport pets to other rescue groups, preparation of paperwork and transport of pets
  • Ensure unloaded (empty) kennels are prepped for cleaning
  • Provide daily email communication related to any pet returning to main shelter
  • Perform weekly (at a minimum) restock of all on-site pet consumables (including litter)

Important Notes

Please include current contact information for your former employers and personal references so they can be verified.